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2/19/12 – Dinner with Good Friends

Clearly Oly knows good friends when he sees them

The Paulsons were nice enough to host the 3 McWeavers for dinner and Oly got to meet dear friends Jeff and Lauren. Amy and I have known Jeff for a very, very long time so it was so very special to share our son with him. We had a delicious burger feast and then all 6 adults got to be a part of night-time book reading with Jace and Trey. Jace picked the books and the readers. Amy was chosen for Skippy John Jones, I got Stop Snoring Bernard. It was a great night to get out and catch up with friends.

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Oly Meets More Family

Oly has had non-stop visitors and the parade has continued over the last few weeks. Jack come over for a quick 2 day visit, Heidi stayed with us for a few days as well, then Mary journeyed off the farm for a nice long visit, Veronica and Justin stopped in to meet there nephew, Mac and Mary brought us teryaki, Grama Kris has come down the hill regularly, and the Paulsons have hosted us a few times already. Oly is so lucky to have such an amazing village of family and friends in his young life.

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02/05/12 – Super Bowl XLI

Another football season was coming to a close which must mean Super Bowl at the Barneys! Once again we packed up our giant pot of chili, but this time we had to pack up a few new items…like our son! Oly’s first Super Bowl was a grand affair. Barney had purchased me an Eli Manning Giants shirt (matching his own) to add good luck as we cheered on the Giants. In what seemed like a replay of the epic game a few years ago, the Giants pulled it out late and we rejoiced heartily. Oly was a great house guest, though we were glad we had 3 outfits for him as we needed each one 🙂

As our first true football watching experience together, this is one dad that hopes it is the first of many, many games I get to watch with my son.

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And so it begins…

Oly’s birth brought lots of family and visitors over to say hello. It has only been a couple weeks but our lives are becoming more entwined everyday. It is already difficult remembering our lives before Oly joined our family. We can’t wait for the adventures ahead…stay tuned!

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01/15/12 – Welcome Oly Strode Weaver

Our first view of Oly in the O.R.

Well our adventure in life has taken a serious turn as our son finally arrived. It was a wild ride getting through labor and delivery, but he is happy and healthy and Amy is on the mend. Welcome Oly!

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Any Day Now Baby McWeaver!

Well we have passed our due date and still no signs of our baby boy! We are attempting to stay patient but as you can tell by the pictures below Amy is getting pretty uncomfortable as her passenger continues to grow! But she is a trooper and haging in there. We are ready baby…let’s get this show on the road!

Here is a progression for those who have not seen Amy’s path towards motherhood 🙂

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Favorites of 2011 – Books

Amy read lots of good books in 2011 and believe it or not John did some reading as well!

Having seen all of the Harry Potter movies leading up to the final installment, I made the committment to read the series before the last movie came out. I had heard how awesome the books were, so I was not surprised at all how much I enjoyed them. Great writing, wonderful characters, quick reads…loved them all. Definitely ranks as my favorite book(s) of 2011 even if they came out earlier.


Amy’s favorite – Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson.  This was a long awaited 13th book of a series of 14. Amy has been reading this series since 1990 and she is VERY excited to see how it will be finished up. This book ties up lots of loose end as one of Amy’s favorite fantasy epics comes to a close.

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Favorites of 2011 – Commercial

I thought a nice way to close the year, and prove my dedication to the blog :), would be to recap some of my favorites from 2011.

I saw this ad again last night and it is definitely my favorite of the year…

What’s that? You love that song and want to rock out to it? You got it!

A close second has to be the VW Darth Vader Ad:

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Finishing out 2011

Well, Amy and I discovered that it is difficult to keep up with a blog of our adventures when the adventures get to be a bit too much. For that we apologize, our readers deserve better! If you are in fact still reading, I want to get you caught up on what we have been up to before our new addition arrives…which could be any day now!

So here are some highlights of the late summer and fall that have lead up to this point at the beginning of a new year…

  • Amy made it out to Spokane to spend time with the McEachran kids and visit the Spokane family.
  • The 2011 JWI Volleyball Tournament was a big success
  • We made it to Spokane together to celebrate Nonnie’s 90th Birthday! On the way back we stopped at the Rosman farm for the annual McKenna Mania football draft
  • We pulled the condo off the market and instead found a 12 month renter
  • We moved in with Kris McKenna who was amazing and showered us with love (and food) at every step of the way
  • Momma Weaver was in town in October and helped throw a baby shower for Amy at the Paulsons house
  • The Sounders hosted a thrilling playoff game but had a disppointing end to a great season
  • We bought a new house and with Jesse’s help we were able to move the first week of December. The work force which needs thanking included: Kris, Jack, Heidi, Barney, Craig (and Lucas), Staci Imwalle, Jesse, Todd, Matt, Janelle, Mom, and Dad Weaver.
  • We hosted our first holiday feasts for some wonderful time with family.

And now here we are waiting for a baby! I will post some pics of our adventures if we have some time before the baby gets here. In the meantime, welcome back! And don’t worry this will be the hub for more baby boy Weaver pics then you can possibly imagine. Keep your eye out for an announcement soon!

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8-1-11 Weaver Family Reunion 2011

Well, Fall is officially here and we haven’t even finished updating Summer! Uh oh. If we don’t get this blog updated before the baby gets here there might be a riot! So off we go!

Two years ago the Judy and Strode Weaver family tree gathered in San Diego for a mini-reunion. At the time we decided if we could do it every other year that would be fantastic. Well guess what? Early August we were off to meet up with the fam once more. The Houghtons from Des Moines; Units from Denver; Matt, Jannelle, Camille, Amy and I from Seattle; all joined up in Gerhart, OR. A cool little town just north of Seaside. Mom found a great house rental plenty big for our mob and we enjoyed incredible weather all week long.

Highlights included:

  • Playing/relaxing on the beach
  • Kubb in the yard
  • Flying kites
  • The Seaside Aquarium
  • Day trip to the Portland Zoo
  • Tillamook Cheese Factory
  • The Nike Employee Store
  • Puzzle making
  • Lots of hugs and laughter

It was just wonderful to reconnect with family. See you all again in 2 years!

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