Posted by: mcweaver | August 15, 2008

7/19/08 – McWeavers Unite!

A Brides View:
The most anticipated and closely watched day of the year finally arrived; our wedding day! My day stared early as I drove with Julie and my Mom to get ladies hair and make-up done. I met all my bridesmaids there and we had a wonderful morning together. We all drove back to the house to eat a delicious lunch provided by my Mom and began to get dressed and ready. Putting my wedding dress on with my closet girlfriends is a memory I will never forget.

Seeing John for the first time was a special moment for me. It felt so right to be with him finally to start celebrating our day together. My heart was overjoyed with love and excitement for our day to be in motion. After our pictures together we separate for the long wait. I had the perfect perch from Julie’s room to watch all the guests arriving for the ceremony. The cool wind was blowing through the window and it was a lovely momentMy bridesmaids kept me calm and surrounded me with love. Then it was time to walk. I will never forget the long walk through the trees with my Dad. The long walk allowed my time to appreciate the moment and be present for all the emotions I was feeling as I walked with my Dad. (Also, thankfully and miraculously, I never once thought of moles!)

Standing with John as we said our vows was the most surreal moment of my life thus far. All I could see was him. I could barely hear our officient and am thankful I said all my lines correctly. I think one of our most magic moments was right after the ceremony when we had a brief moment of time alone together. The enormity of what just happened just sank in at that point. It felt wonderful!

The party, the speeches, the cake, the music and the dancing! I will never forget a thing. Thank you all so much for the love, kindness and support you all provided to John and I to make our day so special. We are truly blessed by our friends and families love.

I think John and I were ushered off to start our wedded life together by the most magical of good byes. The sparkler lined driveway with our close friends and family waving us on was absolutely enchanting. I have vivid memories of all your faces (on my side of the driveway) waving, smiling, and cheering us along. I felt washed over by your love and my heart was filled by it.

Thank you for helping John and I dance my dress to pieces! What a party and what a way to start out our lives together!

A Grooms View:
After a year and a half, our wedding day finally arrived. Of all the advice we received leading up to the big day, what I found to be the most accurate…”Your wedding day will be a blur!” And so it was.

From waking up in the morning, checking into our hotel, arriving at the site, and slipping into a tux, I don’t think I was totally with it mentally. It wasn’t until I saw my bride that the reality of the moment and the day hit home. Although it was something I wasn’t very excited about because of the awkwardness and forced reactions I had witnessed in the past, seeing Amy for the first time is something I will never ever forget. Absolutely breathtaking. My heart literally jumped out of my chest.

The next fantastic moment, not surprisingly, also revolves around Amy looking amazing. Seeing her and her father make a long slow walk through the trees and up the aisle…wow. What a great moment. We made it through the vows, ran through the dinner line, cut the cake, danced, and then partied with our family and friends. It was a great day all together. The weather was perfect, the site looked amazing, and we were able to be married in front of all those we hold dear.

The final lasting impression of the night was the incredible sparkler send off. Talk about magic. What a way to begin our new life together. And so here we are…a married couple with a lifetime ahead of us…and a blog to bring you with us!


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