Posted by: mcweaver | August 28, 2008

08/27-Elsie Margaret

Beautiful Elsie

Beautiful Elsie Margaret

Amy with proud parents Josh and Holley

Amy with proud parents Josh and Holley

Welcome to the world little Elsie Margaret! John and I just spent the most wonderful evening with the Holley’s family on Whidbey Island. Holley and her boyfriend Josh just celebrated the birth of their first baby and bravely flew up from Austin to show her off to family and friends a month later. We were lucky enough to be invited to join their family celebrations and were able to meet 4 week old little Elsie Margaret. She is just as perfect as can be! She has dark brown hair, olive skin and a huge smile (just like her Mom!) Both Elsie’s Mom and Dad are doing great and are natural-born parents!

Thank you all so much for letting us be part of your joyous celebrations!



  1. Amy and John,

    Thank you sooo much for comming yo visit us! I miss you so much and I wish we lived closer! Especially with these momentous times in our lives! I saw your wedding pictures on your phoyographers website and they brought me to tears!! I am so sad to have missed it, but I look forward to many new memories together!! love you both!!!


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