Posted by: mcweaver | August 28, 2008

8/23 The 11th Annual JWI!

Now those guys look ready to play!

Now those guys look ready to play!

With all the big events this summer, the JWI snuck up on all of us! Despite that fact that the planning committee was not as focused as years past, the tournament was a big success as always. Thanks go out to JWI director Matt for carrying more then his weight this year.

We lucked out big time with the weather as it rained on days before and after the tournament. But as we have built up a large store of good karma around this event, it was mid to high 80’s all day! The Weaver Units even made a surprise visit to join in the celebration. All in all it was a great day of friends on a glorious Seattle summer day.

The tournament was followed by some fun and hot tubbing at the after-party. There were plenty of sore muscles on the out of shape, middle aged players.

Sunday morning Matt and Janelle hosted a brunch/pancake feed at their house. We got a little more time with the units and got to complain about all our aches and pains. Particularly Todd and his toe.



  1. Amy & John,

    No surprise this is a great blog! This was a fun way to catch up on your last few weekends. We loved all the pictures and comments. Amy, is your team up for the big match-up this weekend?

    Thanks for sharing
    The Denver Units

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