Posted by: mcweaver | September 5, 2008

8/30-9/1 Labor Day in Spokane

Clara enjoyed the Draft Weekend

Clara enjoyed the Draft Weekend

Family, Fun and Football!

We spent Labor Day Weekend with Amy’s family in Spokane for the McKenna Mania draft. We had so much fun catching up with everyone after the wedding and spending time with our Nonnie, aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, nieces and nephews! This being an Olympic year our, hostest with the mostest, Aunt Annie created the Olympic Games in her backyard with medal ceremony and all. Being the crimson loving cougars that we all are instead of singing the national anthem on the podium we shouted out the WSU fight song proud and strong! The Olympic events were as follows; Gorfing (A swim stroke created by Olympians Katie and Marc), Belly Flop, and Dog Paddle.

The medal winners where as follows:

Proud medalists in the belly flop

Proud medalists in the belly flop

Gold: Marc (the gorfing machine)
Silver: Cristy
Bronze: Mac

Belly Flop
Gold: Jack
Silver: Mac
Bronze: John

Gracie is already spiking volleyballs

Gracie is already spiking volleyballs

Dog Paddle
Gold: Grace
Silver: Amy
Bronze: Marc

The weekend also included the annual McKenna Mania Fantasy Football Draft. The Pumpkinheads (Matt’s team) joined the league in grand style with the first overall pick, followed by the Weaver Units! It was a great time as always and was a very quick and efficient draft. That is despite the efforts of some unnamed owners who love to try to select players already on another team *cough* Jack and Ethan *cough* The Commish likes the teams put together by the Legion of Doom, the Pumpkinheads, and the Amyzons to be tough to beat this season. However, since fantasy football is about 80% luck…you never know!

Click HERE for more pics of the fun in Spokane!



  1. I love your site! Thanks for including all the great pictures. We had a great time visiting with you guys and Grace keeps talking about how wasn’t it fun when everybody stayed here, and we went swimming at Gagee’s pool, and we should do that again! I agree complely.
    Lots of love! Katie

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