Posted by: mcweaver | September 5, 2008

9/5 – Blog Launch!

And the blog is launched!
And the blog is launched!

You are here on the Life McWeaver blog, so you already know…we’ve launched the blog! Feel free to pass the link on to family and friends and we would love to receive your comments. Enjoy!



  1. YeYOWeEEE!! Congratulations on launching your new blog, documenting and sharing the most fantastical moments of your life, and discovering the magic in each day you share together as McWeavers. Huge hugs to you!!

  2. Amy, John and The Captain celebrating the launch! Sounds like it was a killer launch party!

  3. Happy blogging! Dude- H&M opens Friday! Should we do a photoshoot there while you model their new fall fashions? I’m down!!

  4. I gotta say…the pair of faces you two have are PRICELESS!!! John, you look…happy like a prankster! And Amy…the look is called, ‘teeth clenched to stop from cracking.’ what do ya think;oP Miss u guys. the site is gorgious. Nice to check in on Fam’ while i’m away…Thank you!

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