Posted by: mcweaver | September 29, 2008

9/27-9/28-The Big Move!

Wedding fun!

Phew! What an exciting weekend we moved Jess, Steph and Jace into their beautiful new home, celebrated Ben and Kelly’s wedding, and saw Phantom of the Opera!

The move from the rental home to the dream home went flawlessly (except for the disappearance of Miss. Mia the tabby cat) Thankfully she arrived safely home at 4:20AM. Jesse and Stephanie’s new home is amazing and we can’t wait to help them celebrate further the  move into their new home.

Excited and Tired New Home Owners

Excited and Tired New Home Owners

We had a wonderful time catching up with family at Ben and Kelly’s wedding. The bride was beautiful and the groom dashing. After the wedding we all headed back for some search and rescue to find Mia. However, all we ended up finding was a very hungry Todd. We played a some rousing rounds of SYN and we have decided we cannot sit next to either Jess or Steph as they are expert “screwers”.

John and I capped off the weekend with a wonderful date night. We ate dinner at Cheese Cake Factory and then saw Phantom of the Opera at The Paramont and it was enchanting. The show reminded us of our visit to London (where we saw the production last) and we had fun reminiscing and singing the songs from the show all the way home.

Date night for the McWeavers

Date night for the McWeavers



  1. This bottom photo SO reminds me of the Table of Truth!

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