Posted by: mcweaver | October 11, 2008

10/3 – 10/6 Denver Visit for Family and Football

Run Ralphie, run!

Run Ralphie, run!

A beautiful day at Mile High

A beautiful day at Mile High Stadium

Amy and I took a quick visit to Denver with our good friends Kirk, Laura and Isaiah to visit the parents and see some football. We got some good visiting in as well as a lot of football! It was great to see some of the old stomping grounds. Amy fought a cold the whole time we were there 😦 but she was a real trooper and was on the mend by the time we got home and got some rest.

The buffaloes were a bit over-matched against Texas, but the Broncos won a tough game against the Bucs. Thanks for a great visit Units!



  1. Aren’t those our seats from our incredible 12/2006 adventure in Denver?! Either you’re literally right above where we sat… or we can see them in this photo on the other side of the stadium! What a beautiful day for football indeed… both days!

  2. It was such fun to have you here even for just a quick visit. Wish Ames had been feeling better, but it was still so good to see everyone. Thanks for the good visit, fun football viewing and super neck hugging opportunities. We are still fans! Go Buffs! and Go Broncos!

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