Posted by: mcweaver | December 2, 2008

11/27 – Thanksgiving ’08

On the eve of Thanksgiving we had an early family celebration by gathering at Fonde, a local pizza place and dined with Judy, Strode, Matt, Janelle, Carol, Lou, and Beau! We had a wonderful time catching up and talking wedding details with Janelle and Matt.



Thanksgiving Day was started with corn bread muffins, cocoa, coffee, the Seattle Times and the Macy’s Day Parade. John was clever enough to DVR the parade so we were able to speed through most of the commercials, (which was very exciting!) After the parade we headed off to Amy’s Mom’s house for a Thanksgiving feast!



This year was extra special as John’s family was invited to join in the fun of the Koefod Family Thanksgiving. Oh Boy! We enjoyed good food, laughter, and trivia. Then we headed off for the traditional Thanksgiving family movie, this year we selected Twilight. Over half the family present had read the addictive series and was anxiously awaiting the movie. We all had so much fun! Even the folks, who had not read the book, were entertained by the film.

Side Note: John and I read the “Twilight Series” on our honeymoon. Yes, we choose only the most advanced and challenging reading while vacationing… However, we did thoroughly enjoyed the books plot, easy read and quick pace; they were a perfect choice for the Mexican beach.


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