Posted by: mcweaver | January 17, 2009

12/25 – 1/1 – The Holidays

What a wonderful holiday season 2008 provided for the McWeavers! 

Todd was pleased with Santa's choice!

Todd was pleased with Santa's choice!

We started the festivities by staying the night at Todd’s house and waking up to a Christmas celebration. We woke slowly, sat by the tree and unwrapped the first presents of the season. It was a great way to kick off the end of the holidays. Todd spoiled us rotten. A beautiful hand-woven scarf for Amy direct from India, an Indiana Jones Nut Cracker for John…AND a pair of tickets to join Todd at the 2009 broadway series at the Fifth Avenue Theater! The lineup is outstanding; featuring Rent, Lion King, Wicked and Fiddler on the Roof. We can hardly wait for the first show.

Next up, we enjoyed family dinner Christmas Eve at Jesse and Stephanie’s beautiful new home. It was the first “official” dinner at the home with a dining room table and everything! Kris, John, Jan, Justin and Todd all joined us there. There was of course still snow everywhere, but everyone made it safely there and home. We enjoyed a rousing game of Cranium, the highlight of which was Todd’s humming rendition of “Burning Down the House” by the Talking Heads. Only a rhino with a bad head cold could reproduce the noises we were hearing. 

Amy and I then journeyed home to enjoy our first Christmas Eve as a married couple together in our own little condo! We watched some Christmas movies and woke up to our beautiful tree, more snow on the ground, and stockings to tear into. After many, many presents were opened (we sure do like shopping for one another) we got a call from Kris that it was snowing very hard at their house so we hopped up, packed some bags and ran out the door. 

The Christmas at Kris and John’s was much quieter this year as many people couldn’t navigate the tough weather, but we had a wonderful time all the same. Amy was able to try out her new toy, a tiny video camera that Santa brought her. This was the scene as Jace met Juke:

Next up…John’s 33rd Bday! We stayed the night at Kris and John’s and then ran to Bellevue Square to meet the Weaver parents for lunch at Z Tejas. They had just flown in with good connections despite the weather. It was wonderful to get to see them on my Bday. Then we were off to the Willows Lodge for what has become an annual celebration. I was telling Amy how fun it is to have that special time together and it really makes me look forward to my Birthday more then ever. We met our good friends Kirk and Laura for dinner and they drove up just in time to rescue us from 6 inches of water and ice in the parking lot. We had a great time as the only ones in a little Mexican joint. The Willows was wonderful as always and brought back some great memories of our engagement.

We got lots of good visiting in with the Weaver Units over the next few days including a movie, lots of eating, more presents, and some great football games as well.  It was so good to see them even if it was a quick visit.

Finally, Amy and I headed up to San Juan Island for New Year’s. It worked out great for us to cut down on our travel this year and be a little more relaxed. We were lucky enough to get 3 full days on the Island with Jack, Heidi and Mac. While being incredibly lazy and enjoying our Nintendo DS’s for the most part, we got some beautiful weather which allowed us to take our favorite hike to a lookout point on the island:

Sorry for the loooong entry but we have had so much to catch up on! Amy and I had an amazing year in 2008 and are so thankful for all of the people that have made it so. See you in 2009!


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