Posted by: mcweaver | February 1, 2009

1/16-1/19 – Amy in Spokane

Amy (I) was able to fly and visit Katie and Clara for their joint Birthday party. While there, I found time to visit Aunt Annie’s classroom and meet her 8th graders, learn how to cook gluten free food, ate more pink Birthday cake then anyone should, participated in a spontaneous sledding adventure, watched Grace blow up her first balloon all by herself! The best part of the trip was the all out family dancing (Irish-Hodown style) in the celebration of Clara’s first birthday, there was balloons, laughter, stomping and lots of love. I was also able to find some time to do some serious planning with the Rosemans for the upcoming Disneyland trip!

Here is Clara eating her first piece of cake!


While I was there I received I phone call from Edmonds School district and was offered a job! I accepted and I will now be a Para Educator (teacher’s assistant) at one of their schools. It will give me great experience and times up perfectly for me to start a masters program next fall.


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