Posted by: mcweaver | February 19, 2009

2/14 – 2/16 Crouch Idaho Getaway

The Dirty Shame Saloon

The Dirty Shame Saloon

Over President’s day weekend we took a quick trip to Crouch Idaho (just north of Boise) to visit Todd’s family cabin. Todd flew down a few days before us to get in some family visits. We arrived on Friday evening, hopped in the truck and promptly wisked our way to the cabin. We had been to the cabin a couple years ago and have tried to find our way back ever since. We finally convinced Todd that this was the perfect weekend to go and we were so right. It was a perfect break from our busy lives and we were really able to “unplug” a bit. Mike and Linda Moore were incredibly generous hosts, not to mention Tucker Moore (the prized black lab).

We somehow managed to make the time go fast doing very little. The hightlights included, but were certainly not limited to:

  • Stuffing ourselves with one delicious meal after another
  • Being welcomed Friday night by the Captain himself
  • Amy enjoying the Snuggie
  • Linda teaching us 10,000 (a great dice game)
  • A rousing Barnyard tournament victory by JW
  • Several War victories by TM
  • The computer winning in Mario Party 😦
  • A walk in the snow
  • Stumbling onto an epic event at the Dirty Shame Saloon
  • The Longhorn Steakhouse
  • Fitting in 3 DVDs
  • Sleeping in

Thank you sooo much to the Moore family for such a great trip!



  1. SUPER weekend altogether, Weavers! Thank you for the adventure and memory. I’m in Japan and in great spirits… knowing that I had an amazing, restful weekend that I was coming off of. Additionally, we failed to celebrate the anniversary of your engagement. Big miss! Seems like mid-Feb 2010 will require yet another Crouch/Dirty Shame Saloon adventure for sure!

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