Posted by: mcweaver | February 24, 2009

02/24 – Oscars and Lars

This last weekend was the Oscars which Amy and I watched in the background as we cleaned up the house. Slumdog Millionaire was the big winner, which as a reader of this blog you know that we loved. The only category I was not rooting for it was best song. I was hoping for Peter Gabriel’s “Down to Earth”, not just because I’m a big fan, but because it really captures the essence of Wall-E (another really good movie BTW).

So you tell me…sound like a winner? I say yes!

Speaking of movies, we watched Lars and the Real Girl with Jack and Heidi on Saturday night as they were passing through town heading to the airport. I like this movie more every time I see it and it is now cemented amongst my top 5 all-time favorites! By cemented of course I mean “will be there a while”. Need more convincing to see it?



  1. Wow — our disappointment in the winning song completely aligns (love SM, wish PG would have won!). As does Lars being a new all-time favorite. In fact… did *I* write this entry?!?! :o)

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