Posted by: mcweaver | April 13, 2009

4/12 – Easter Sunday

Amy and I had an eventful Easter weekend. We went out with Kris, John and Julie to do some birthday celebrating at the Icon Grill. Then Saturday we had to deal with some lame home-owner issues; our condo was leaking from the roof! Turns out a neighbor had a washing machine overflow and it leaked through the floor into our unit and all over the common areas. Not fun. But we in the process of getting it all cleaned up.

The night ended better as we enjoyed a Sounders game even though they lost 0-1. Sunday was a fun day of family at Kris and John’s for an Easter and Birthday celebration. Janelle and Amy both celebrated bdays and opened some gifts and ate some cake. The next round of the Bday celebration will be on the ACTUAL big day, Tuesday when we will take Amy out one more time to Ray’s Boathouse. Fun!


The Koefod Women at Easter Brunch

The Koefod Women at Easter Brunch


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