Posted by: mcweaver | May 21, 2009

5/4 – Live music…how we’ve missed you!

The Shins at the Showbox

The Shins at the Showbox

As Amy and I have really tightened the belt on our budget over the course of the last year or so due to weddings and job changes, one of the only things we really miss is going to concerts. We both LOVE live music and it was one of the areas in which we first started connecting. Despite a no concert policy, we made an exception when we fell into the opportunity to see The Shins at the Showbox in downtown Seattle. We both really like the Shins, had never seen them, and will never get to see them at a small venue like the Showbox again. We couldn’t pass it up. The opener, Delta Spirit, was great (see our friend Laura’s photos of the band here) and the main act didn’t disappoint. The show really highlighted the lead singer’s amazing voice and reminded us how much we love to go to a show.

For those of you unfamiliar, the Shins sound like this:


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