Posted by: mcweaver | August 6, 2009

7/18-7/25 San Diego with the Weavers

The Ocean Beach Pier

The Ocean Beach Pier

As promised, here is a more detailed run-down of our trip to San Diego to celebrate the Weaver Units 40th Anniversary. We had such a nice week. The weather was perfect each day, we had several activities so we felt like we saw the highlights of the city and the house was a perfect place to hang out and relax. We managed to squeeze 12 of us in the house and didn’t really feel to crunched for space. Of course I might be saying that since Amy and I were in a master suite that took up the entire upstairs! We rented a couple cars and bombed around thanks to Garmina (Matt and Janelle’s GPS) and Michelle’s handy phone. We couldn’t have asked for a better vacation and celebration with the family.

The highlights included:

  • Swimming and splashing in the pool
  • A wonderful day at Sea World
  • Running to the mall to check out H&M
  • Seeing Petco Park and a Padres game
  • A hot day on safari in the Wild Animal Park
  • A day at the beach to cool off
  • Dinner in Old Town
  • Celebrating our anniversary on Coranado
What a good looking family!

What a good looking family!

Thanks to all the fam for such a good time!

Can’t get enough of the Weaver’s vacation pics? Click here to view the whole set!


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