Posted by: mcweaver | August 17, 2009

8/15/09 Mountin Music Fest

Amy and I had great time at the Mountain Music Fest this weekend. We saw some wonderful live music in a gorgeous setting with 4th row seats!

Local boys Barcelona were very animated and fun. Serena Ryder wowwed with her gritty rocker voice. Ingrid Mickelson was completely quirky and entertaining. And of course David Gray was David Gray. He played a great mix of old and new just him and one other guitar player. The only downside was that the set was a bit short, but I think Amy and I would feel like 4 hours of DG would be too short.

So what did the show look like from the 4th row you ask? Excellent question…it looked like this:



  1. Very cool John! What a time you two must have had. Love the song from Scarlett and ? below very fun. I am not sure why but it reminds me of Simon and Garfunkil (sp) a little.

    You two take care, loving you!

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