Posted by: mcweaver | August 31, 2009

8/22 JWI 2009

JWI 2009 came and went last Saturday and was a raging success. As is our annual tradition, 28 guys and 28 girls get together for a king of the beach style pool play and get paired up for an afternoon tournament. The weather was great, spirits were high, and everyone had a great time. The JWI committee had a particularly good showing this year. Matt was the winner of a very strong pool, JP finished 5th and played some fantastic matches, I managed 3rd, and Todd won the whole shooting match! It seemed like one of the smoothest runs for the tourney and we finished the finals around 6:15 which is outstanding.



  1. So glad to hear that the JWI (aka: John Weaver Memorial–tee, hee) was a success. Dad and I were there in spirit. What started out as a one time only recognition of you by your brother Matt–has turned into quite the summer event. It makes this mother so proud and happy. And to raise $s for a worthy charity is absolutely amazing. Mama Bear

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