Posted by: mcweaver | September 2, 2009

8/27-8/30 Anniversary Celebration Part 2

This last weekend Amy and I celebrated our 1st Anniversary a little bit more. Kris and John gave us a two night stay and the amazing Lochaerie resort on Lake Quinault. We decided to take the opportunity to really make a long weekend out of it and spent Thursday night camping at Westport. We had a wonderful time strolling on the beach, cooking beer sausages, and hanging out by the fire. The only downside of the evening? We forgot our air mattress and were very sore after an iffy night of sleep. We made our way “downtown” and had a delicious breakfast at a cafe and then made our way back to the beach for a nap.

Then it was off to the cabins! Family firends Tom and Christie were they to welcome us upon arrival and even helped us get settled in. We got to stay in “Christie”, which has the best view of the lake and is just gorgeous. Our days were filled with relaxation, happy hours, Italian and Mexican nights, and many games of cribbage. We even managed a nice 2.5 hour hike and picnic lunch at Irely Lake, which has now dried up and seems more like “Irely Meadow”. We had such a good time and could have used at least one more day playing on the lake. A HUGE thank you to Kris and John for their generosity, what a great way to celebrate! The one bummer of the trip is that we forgot our camera! We did buy a disposable box camera so eventually we will post some picks. In the meantime, here is the beautiful cabin to whet your appetite.

The Christie cabin on Lake Quinault

The Christie cabin on Lake Quinault



  1. OH NO with the forgetfulness! No air mattress! No camera! At least you didn’t forget one another! That would have been a BIG bummer! As it was, it sounds like a hoot of a weekend… and one without electronics altogether. The best kind! Happy Anniversary, part 2!

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