Posted by: mcweaver | September 3, 2009

8/21 Family Day at VMAC

Not long ago we had a family BBQ for the end of Seahawks Training Camp in Renton. We were able to invite our families to watch the last practice from the sidelines, partake in all sorts of games and activities, and then chow down on a delicious BBQ. Amy, Jesse and Jace were all able to attend as my family and we had a great time. We joined Sounders Goalkeeper Kasey Keller and his wife at their picnic table and heard all about their experience having twins while living in Germany. Really nice people. Stacey joined us for a family pic to commemorate the fun day.

Hooray for the Fam!

Hooray for the Fam!



  1. As an ode to the Japanese commercial director in ‘Lost in Translation’, I would have some feedback for JaceMan… “More… Intensity!”

    Holy Look at that Face, Batman! 🙂

    This really does feel like a family portrait — I love it!

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