Posted by: mcweaver | September 8, 2009

8/5-8/7 Weekend on the Farm

It was Labor Day on Monday which means we must have spent the weekend doing the McKenna Mania draft! And yes, we did! This time the clan gathered in Wilbur, WA at the Rosman (pronounced rose-man) farm.

Amy and I are house/puppy sitting for good friend Todd, so we woke up early Saturday, walked the pooch and jumped in the car. We made good time and were hanging out with cousins, Aunts, Dads, and Nonnie in no time. The weather was great though some crazy dirt and thunder storms came through each day. It didn’t prevent the Kubb tournament however, which I won with some help. The wind treated Marc viciously and I beat Amy in the finals with some help from distracting little cousins 🙂

Uncle Jack led the Rosman kids in the building of rockets and had two very successful launches. It was easy to tell who enjoyed this activity the most (hint: it was not the Rosman kids).

The draft was of course a success as well and I think everyone did a great job. I’m predicting our most competitive season yet.

Copper the boxer was her usual perfect self. She traveled well and was a huge hit with all the kids. She took to farm life quickly digging holes, rolling in dirt, and yes, eating stink bugs. We wore her out playing so much and she napped most of Monday away in recovery.

A big thank you to the generous hosts and the rest of the family for a great weekend.



  1. You guys are “sounding” great great pics and looks like a great weekend! Sending hugs

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