Posted by: mcweaver | October 10, 2009

9/24 – Project Runway Season 6

We got a late start on Project Runway this year, but thanks to the magic of the DVR we had an excellent opportunity to get caught up. We had 6 episodes waiting for us so our good friends Todd and Copper came over to Chez McWeaver to celebrate in a big way. Amy made a delicious chicken caprese meal the night before so it was ready to go in the oven. And it was chickeny goodness! After episode 1 we each selected our top 3 designers who we predicted to be showing at Bryant Park for the shows finale.

Todd Picked: John Picked: Amy Picked:






Carol Hannah




Christopher was the only unanimous pick and so far Ra’Mon is the only favorite to be kicked off the show and told Auf Wiedersehen by Heidi.

This night also marked our first home visit for Copper! And how did our little dog do in the big city? She seemed pretty relaxed about the whole thing… but you can judge for yourself.



  1. Ha Ha I missed the first episode but Christopher must have done better in that one because he has done pretty poorly. I as of now would be picking Irina, Carol Hannah and the other blond cna’t remember her name! Very fun I wish I was there to have pals to watch with!

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