Posted by: mcweaver | October 14, 2009

10/8 – Rosman Sports and Fall McEachran Visit

I just got home from a wonderful weekend visit with my family in Eastern Washington. It started in Wilbur-Creston, WA on the Rosman farm as I cheered on Cristy’s Junior High volleyball team. The team won and Cristy did great!

Amazing Cristy!

Amazing Cristy!

She does an amazing job getting low and ready on serve receive, she made some very important plays for her team and she showed courage and strength on court. I can’t wait to watch her play again! Joey is a captain on his Junior High Football team. The Wilbur-Creston Wildcats  slaughtered their opponet 45-0! It was a great game. Joey plays many roles for the team: center, linebacker, and a holder (yes, I have decided he is amazing, hee hee) Most importantly Joey was an amazing team leader, encouraging his teammates and leading by example. I am so proud of my two cousins!  I got good visiting time in with Mary, Joe, and Dougy while we all watched the games and Doug told me all about school this year. Ialso  got to meet Doug’s best friend. All in all it was a perfect trip (especially because Mary made her homemade chocolate chip cookies!!)

Go Wildcats!

Go Wildcats!

In the morning it was off to the McEachrans. The drive was beautiful, blue sky, sunny and cold. I got to the McEachran’s around lunch and got big hugs from everyone! I was so nervous when I saw Clara come running down the house’s outside steps all by herself but she did it!! She is growing so much.

Beautiful Kiddos!

Beautiful Kiddos!

I had the most wonderful visit. I got to see Grace and Josten’s new room downstairs and Clara’s new room in the nursery. We played with play dough, stamps, crayons, pumpkins, and books. Marc took all of us out for ice cream at Cold Stone and both Grace and Joston ordered cotton candy ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, hee hee (Yuck is Aunt Mamie’s opinion but they thought  it was delicious!) Clara even got to have some yummy raspberry sorbet.

The next day, I woke up to the quiet laughter of Grace and Josten playing outside my door.

Good Morning!

Good Morning!

One, Two, Three JUMP!

One, Two, Three JUMP!

After playing inside we all got dressed and went outside to play in the yard. Marc had bought Grace and Josten their own rakes and they love them! We raked a huge pile of leaves and proceeded to run and jump in them many, many times. Even Clara got into the fun after she finished tending her chickens. The kids watched Dad winterize the sprinkler system and asked tons of questions. 

It was just so good to see all of my relatives. Thank you for the wonderful visit. I love you all so much!



  1. They look really good Amy! I am glad you got a trip out there. Hope all is well with all of the family. They are in my prayers always!

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