Posted by: mcweaver | November 1, 2009

10/31 – Happy Halloween from Denver


Folsom Field in the sunshine!

I had some airline miles that were about to expire so I used the excuse to get a quick visit in with the Units! Despite a snow storm on Thursday, I was greeted by 60 degrees and sunny on Friday. Typical crazy Denver weather for this time of year. Mom had a list of activities ready to go upon my arrival (shocker) and we have been checking them off one by one. Mexican dinner at Blue Bonnet – check, continental breakfast – check, head to Boulder for the Buffs game – check, games, visiting, and catching up – CHECK! It has felt a bit reminicent of 1993-1994 with the three of us palling around which has been great. I feel very spoiled to have the Units all to myself!


You can't beat quality time with the Units!



  1. It was a grand weekend–list and all! Thanks for sharing it with us John…The Units

  2. I’m jealous baby bro! Glad you got to go!

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