Posted by: mcweaver | December 1, 2009

11/24 – Köttbullar

To start catching you up on the McWeaver’s November I have to share one of my favorite stories of the entire year! With that lead in let me jump to the chase…

Our good friend Åsa was once again visiting from Sweden and she and Ethan stayed with us the week before Thanksgiving. For an excellent American night out we once again enjoyed trivia night at the Belltown Buckleys. Our team name was Köttbullar which of course means “meatballs” in Swedish. We sat at our usual table with our favorite waitress however the table behind us was filled with roudy, rude, middle-aged businessmen. The night began well for the team, and unfortunately also for the loud table behind us. We quickly realized how smart they all thought they were and according to them “this isn’t even trivia it’s so easy”!

Round 4 came around when the magic of the night began. When thinking of topics tailor made for my wife, I can think of none better then the one that came up this evening. The MC announced the topic would be…The Hobbit! At which point Amy got a sparkle in her eye. She breazed through the 8 questions while reciting specific lines from the book in order to prove her point. The bar was filled with blank gazes and questioning looks aside from our superstar. Then came the bonus question. To get credit you must write down the answer and show it to the MC first. Amy was like a blur and narrowly beat the other Hobbit offcianado in the bar. Ethan made sure of it by standing over the MC somewhat intimidatingly and announcing “The girl with the brown hair was there first.” Needless to say the MC agreed and Amy won a free pint for her genius status.

The night was capped off beautifully as the answers were announced for the round and we were the one table cheering with joy for each point. The rude table become more upset and agitated with each cheer and even cried “Who reads this *BLEEP*ing *BLEEP*!” to which Ethan turned and bellowed with fists pumping “WE DO!!” Seeing them then give up and leave the bar for the night was sweet justice indeed.

Köttbullar finished 3rd out of 24 teams and just out of the money, but we would not have been close if not for my brilliant wife!

Amy and her perfect score making McKenna's everywhere very proud!



  1. Love this story–I feel like we were there. We are doing hand pumping for you here in Denver. Way to go daughter-in-law!!

  2. Woo Hoo way to go Amy! I am cheering in Des Moines too!

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