Posted by: mcweaver | December 17, 2009

11/22 – Innebandy

Blue vs White ended in an epic 3-3 tie!

One of the highlights of Åsa’s latest trip to Seattle was the introduction of Swedish Floorball, or Innebandy. I would describe it as a cross between floor hockey and field hockey. Åsa ran around Gothenburg sporting good stores until she was able to get her hands on 12 sticks, 6 balls and 2 nets. She then managed to stuff them in a giant gym bag and bring them all with her to the states! Amy meanwhile drummed up 12 of our closest friends and (with Jesse’s help) russled up a gym and we were good to go!

While I wouldn’t say any of us will be making the U.S. National Floorball team (yes, there is one), we all started to get the hang of it bye the end and had a great time.

The Paulson’s then were generous enough to invite everyone over to their house for a dinner and some games. Amy made delicious chili and we all gorged ourselves and generally had a wonderful time. Now the McWeaver’s have a full set of Innebandy equipment should everyone get the itch to get a game together again…thanks Åsa!

Video highlights to come!


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