Posted by: mcweaver | February 3, 2010

Bt stands for genius! (and bad hair)

While I totally get how some people are turned off by or don’t get electronic music, both Amy and I are big fans. One artist we’ve gotten to see in person a few times goes by “Bt“. I was even able to meet him and hear him speak at an intimate screening of an experimental movie/music/animation project. He was incredible and I have to say he comes across as both passionate about his craft as well as brilliant in ways most of us are not.

Bt released his new CD ‘These Hopeful Machines’ today and while not for everyone, I think it is pretty awesome! Here’s a taste:



  1. Hey, at least he’s not rocking the frosted blonde look anymore, and the white suit.

    That being said, I agree…awesome album. Can’t wait to see him again when he comes back to town.

  2. Very cool John and Amy!

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