Posted by: mcweaver | February 11, 2010

2/10 – Tan Todd and his Mateys

You must be asking yourself “Do the McWeavers attend Triva Night every night of the week”? The answer is no, though we might like to. But it tends to be one of our favorite adventures to blog about and last night was no exception.

Freshly returned from an amazing vacation to Canouan Island, Todd joined us at Buckley’s to catch up, view his pics, and of course partake in trivia! We finished middle of the pack, but the night was not without highlights. I managed to win a bonus round pint with the answer to “Who is playing Hannibal in the new A-Team movie?” Liam Neeson of course! Then later in the evening Todd was able to tell everyone what drink is used to make a boston cooler float. Why none other than his good friend ginger!

We had our brains worked out in a big way and can’t wait to try again

Can you tell which one is Tan Todd and which ones are the Mateys?



  1. I had not stopped in for too long. you two sound like you are doing really well! Love you!

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