Posted by: mcweaver | April 8, 2010

4/8 – Catching up with the McWeavers

I had a devoted reader point out that it has been a month since our blog was last updated. A MONTH! I must apologize as that is totally unacceptable. We have been busy, that is true, but how can we expect to please all those out there desperate to hear of our adventures when we go silent for a month!?! In an attempt to make good I will begin to catch you up on what all we have been up to.

One of the highlights is the return of the Sounders FC! As highlighted recently, the Sounders are back on the pitch and we are back in the stands. A large group joined us for the opening match including the Weaver parents and their firends Beau and Bonnie, Matt and Janelle and the Parker parents, Jack and Heidi McKenna, and our friends Alesio and Kate. We were greeted to the stadium by an absolute storm. Those of us sitting in the North End looked like drowned rats by the end of the night. However, the faithful were rewarded with a stirring 2-0 win over the Philadelphia Union:

The second outcome was not as good…a 0-1 loss to the New York Red Bulls but great fun was had by JW, Todd and friends Harold and Matt. Here is a fun shot from the match showing our vantage of the field.

Front Row of the North End

Next home game isn’t till next weekend, more adventures to come!


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