Posted by: mcweaver | April 9, 2010

3/26 – Release the Kraken!

It was an incredible boys night out last week when I got to join Matt, Todd and Jesse for a remake of one of the great films of our childhood…Clash of the Titans! Matt and I met for Chipotle burritos and our disappointment over a sold out 7:00pm show turned to elation when we learned Jesse could join us at the late show! So Matt, Todd and I enjoyed some PBR pitchers at the Scorecard pub in Northgate and then journeyed to the film. My official review of the film… Plot = None…Acting = Terrible…Overall = AWESOME!! Maybe it was the nastalgia, maybe it was low expectations, maybe it was the company, but this was quite simply a great time!

The original Kraken would approve of the 2010 3D version I think!



  1. Um… the original Kraken’s jowels remind me of Copper! What do you think about changing her name? Too masculine? Too late?

  2. What fun john! Sounds like you two are well. Hug your Amy for me!

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