Posted by: mcweaver | May 4, 2010

5/1 – Coolest. Wedding. Ever.

Amy and I were honored to be guests at the wedding of unarguably the coolest people we know; Laura Totten and Dave Knirk. We were lucky enough to get to know Laura through work she did for the Seahawks and she was recommended to us as a photographer for our wedding. What we did not know is that we were getting to meet 2 amazingly talented, caring and honest people.

The wedding took place at Golden Gardens and the ceremony was a small family affair on the beach followed by a larger reception (when we joined) at the boathouse nearby. The venue was beautifully decorated, complete with amazing lighting and gifts for the guests hand-made by the groom. Laura was radient in her custom made dress and Dave was visually in love. A wonderful group of friends and family enjoyed a live jazz band during dinner, live poetry readings, and then packed the dance floor to a fantastic cover band. A perfect night all together and we were so lucky to be a part of it. Congratulations Dave and Laura!

For more on this amazing event – including a beautiful poem that Laura read (and wrote) and some great photos – check out Laura’s blog entry!


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