Posted by: mcweaver | May 27, 2010

5/22 – 3 Days in 1: Part I “The Wedding”

Saturday was a crazy but wonderful one in the Life McWeaver. It was an early start and late to bed with tons of good friends and family in between.

We got a heads up recently from our friends Alessio and Kate that they might be heading to the courthouse to get married. Alessio is here from Rome (he and Amy met as exchange students in Sweden) and they decided they might do the courthouse now and a full-blown wedding ceremony in Georgia where Kate’s family lives. So we got a call on Friday asking if we would be their witnesses the next morning. Of course we were honored and operation “Instant Wedding” was put into effect.

We woke up early Saturday for the prep. Amy ran to the Market for flowers and then it was off to the store for cake. After all, you can’t get married without flowers and cake. I think I can say without too much bias that Amy can come through in a pinch. She whipped together the most incredible bouquet for Kate, got a boutonniere for Alessio, threw the cake in the car and we were off!

A very nice judge gave them a nice simple ceremony, we signed some papers…et voila! Married! Time to celebrate! Amy of course took care of that as well and finagled reservations for brunch at Salty’s on Alki. We had an incredible view while eating what may be the best brunch I’ve ever had. From the fresh mini doughnuts waiting on our arrival to the mounds of fresh seafood, it was pretty incredible. I channeled my inner Totten and did my best to capture the event on film. What a fun day…and it was only noon! Off to the next adventure…

Congratulations Alessio and Kate!



  1. Part I… of III?
    You tease!!


    Can’t wait for the next two posts!

  2. Love it John and Amy you two are the best can’t wait to hear the rest!

  3. You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for making our little day so big!

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