Posted by: mcweaver | May 30, 2010

5/22 – 3 Days in 1: Part II “The Family”

A long-standing tradition in the Koefod family is the spring-time joint celebration of Amy and Janelle’s birthdays. This year was a bit later as it took a while to find time on the calendar. Janelle’s parents Lisa and Bruce were gracious enough to invite everyone down to their new home in Tacoma. It is a beautiful area around point defiance, West of Tacoma proper. We ate a delicious meal of ham and every kind of salad you can imagine. I thought the highlight were the baked beans…delicious!

After we stuffed ourselves we decided to get some fresh air so we walked to Point Defiance Park. The weather was gorgeous and we had a great time spotting sun bathing turtles and watching the koi fish in the pond. Then it was back to the house for presents and cup cakes. It had been a while since the Amy and I had seen this part of her family so it was great to catch up. We’d filled up again on great food and friends, now on to round 3….!


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