Posted by: mcweaver | June 2, 2010

5/22 – 3 Days in 1: Part III “The Finale”

Boy that blue sure makes Todd look tan...good job Amy!

After an already full day, Amy and I rallied and put on our party hats because it was Todd Moore’s Birthday! Not a day to go uncelebrated! So we ran back North and met Todd and the Paulson’s at Turnpike Pizza. This is quickly becoming a favorite and the specialty of the house, the meatball pizza, is to die for! Amy enjoyed the Supergoose (the biggest bottle of beer ever) and we all enjoyed good company. Jace as always was the center of attention and was on very good behavior, particularly for such a long day. Todd opened some H&M birthday treasures and then it was back to the Paulsons for some cards. Jesse did not allow the birthday boy to win, but we all had a great time eating cake nonetheless. Finally Amy and I stumbled home and into bed. A great day in the books.

Congratulations to Alessio and Kate! Thank you for hosting to Lisa and Bruce! Happy Birthday Todd!


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