Posted by: mcweaver | July 12, 2010

6/12 – A College Graduate

A grad and his girl

Amy and I had a great reason to celebrate as we headed up to Bellingham on the 12th…Mac graduated college!

It was a great family affair as Jack, Heidi, Amy, Mary and Mary’s parents all descended on Western Washington University to celebrate with Mac. We had a lovely day and enjoyed sandwiches on the waterfront. We were even “treated” to a parade of naked bike riders. Then it was off for 3 hours in a hot gym. While the speakers were less than memorable (I’d be surprised if they remember speaking), it didn’t stop us for cheering loudly as they announced Macaroon McKenzie August West McKenna! OK…they just said August McKenna, but we knew what they meant. A special thanks goes out to Heidi who found an extra ticket to the event so that I wasn’t forced to watch it in an air conditioned lecture hall with my laptop and wi-fi. *fist shaking in the air*

We then joined family friends Joanne and Barb as they generously hosted a fun-filled dinner at Joanne’s home just outside of Bellingham.

Mac has been so diligent in paying for school and dedicating to his studies, there is no doubt that he is on his way to great successes in the future. Congratulations Mac! Enjoy your newfound freedom!


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