Posted by: mcweaver | July 13, 2010

6/14 – Imogen Heap

Well coordinated for date night!

Date night for the McWeavers! Amy’s first quarter of school ended this last week so it was the perfect opportunity for us to go out and celebrate! It was fate then that one of our favorite artists was in town…Imogen Heap! She is best described as an electronic artist, but her live shows are unlike anything I’ve seen before. She has many live musicians and creates almost all the music live through recording and sampling. She is very engaging and really comes across as a quirky musical genius. She even created an improvisational song from scratch with audience suggestions of a key and melody; very cool.  Here’s a sample:

We had a great time and Amy also introduced me to the coolest bar I’ve seen in a long time…Bathtub Gin.



  1. Wow John and Amy, she has a new fan in Iowa! Love it! As always thanks for sharing and keeping me in touch with all that is out there! happy Anniversary in two days!!!!!!!

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