Posted by: mcweaver | July 22, 2010

6/23 – 6/27 Denver, CO and the Units!

As part of Amy’s Masters prerequisites she had to take a civics course. She found a great opportunity to take a one week intensive course worth 3 credits that was essentially free so we said “Colorado here we come!” We used the excuse to fly down together on Wednesday and I dropped her off at the University of Colorado on Sunday to begin her course.

The trip started out on a very good omen. While at the Las Vegas airport Amy and I killed time with $10 each on video poker. As our money dwindled down to nothing we hit a $100 jackpot! Thank you 5 aces! You would have thought we won a car by our reaction as we happily cashed out immediately and hopped on our plane.

The 4 days with the Units was way too much fun. Thursday we slept in, caught a matinee of Knight and Day (not a bad summer flick, no acadamy awards coming it’s way) and then headed to the Rockies game. It was an absolute thriller that saw many lead changes, lots of runs and extra innings. In the end the bad guys won, but we had a great time.

Friday it was up to the mountains to a fun mining town called Leadville. It was beautiful scenery and nice to get some cooler temperatures as Denver was well into the mid/upper 90s. We wandered some antique stores and checked out the National Mining Museum (sometimes called the Smithsonian of the West).  After the long day out and about we did a quiet dinner at home followed by some rousing games of Head and Foot. We are very happy to report that Amy was the champion of the weekend winning 2 full matches to Mom’s 1 victory. The boys were shut out.

Saturday we watched the US lose in the World Cup 😦 but followed up with the Stapleton Brewfest! The small community area was packed with people and about 8-10 breweries with a few beers each. We took our tasting glasses around and stood in the long lines…that is until the rains moved in! The thunderstorms were major and we all hudled up under the brewery tents to wait them out. The McWeavers and the Units are a hearty bunch and were not chased off by the 30 minute downpour. Luckily about half the crowd was! So were able to enjoy very short lines for the rest of the night. The consensuse gold medal winner from our judges was Hazed and Infused from the Boulder Beer Company. While we looked a bit like drowned rats driving home for the night we agreed it was a highlight all around.

Sunday took us out to Boulder for a nice brunch at Chautauqua, some cards in the park and dropping off our little student at college. Then it was the airport for me for an uneventful flight home. Overall the trip was an A+. Just enough activity and relaxing and really nice to get some one on one time with the Units.



  1. Awesome update! SO worth the wait! I’m particulalry fond of the Beverage Pacing Shots (BPS). Strode has some training to do!

  2. We agree –it was an A+ visit with the McWeavers! The Units were delighted to have time with this special couple. We laughed, hugged, toured and played just the right amount. Thanks for making the effort…LOVE THE PHOTOS.

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