Posted by: mcweaver | July 31, 2010

7/3-7/5 – EBIII and the 4th of July

The official poster

It was another great 4th of July on the island as Amy and I headed up to take part in the 3rd Annual Elvis Beta Memorial Kubb Tournament (EBIII).  In classic Northwest fashion the summer had been lousy to this point weather-wise, but any Washingtonian knows that summer really begins with the 4th. It was gorgeous! Amy and I arrived Saturday night in time to visit with family and attempt to burn the forest down with a safety flare (thanks Jesse Snyder!).

In the morning it was time to prep Åsa Stadium! Jack has been working all year leveling, graveling, and seeding an amazing Kubb court. The grass was just a bit immature, but it was an incredible playing experience. The tournament had 10 strong players in a double elimination format and there were several epic battles. Despite strong competition, Jesse and Jack were on a collision course for the finals. After deciding to avoid the extremely rowdy nighttime crowd (complete with taunting shadow puppets), Jesse was crowned the 2010 champion. Well deserved Jesse!

For those of you looking for a very detailed report on the tournament including photos, match by match recaps, and stats (yes…stats), Jack’s blog has everything you need and more: Upper Left

The highlights included:

  • Flares in the woods (harder to submerge in the lake than one might think)
  • Jesse’s margaritas (one of the tastiest adult beverages I’ve ever experienced)
  • Jack’s dancing (evidence here)
  • The full glory of Åsa Stadium
  • The stat book and hit percentages
  • Great food, great friends & a great time

Thanks Jack and Heidi for hosting a true celebration!


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