Posted by: mcweaver | September 25, 2010

7/6 – 7/9 The Warm(!) Washington Coast

I know…I know…it has been forever and we still aren’t caught up. Alas, I apologize. Hopefully we can recap all our Summer fun before Autumn starts in ernest. Now back to the updates!

After a great trip to the island Amy and I headed to the coast for some much needed 1 on 1 time. We used one of the Weaver Units’ favorite new discoveries, VRBO, to book a little beach cabin in Westport, WA. Amy has been vacationing in Westport since she was a little girl so it holds great memories and provides a perfect setting for relaxing.

The cabin was a little funny with a small, meekly appointed kitchen and some neighbors a little too close for comfort. It more than made up for it with a great location and amazing bathroom. The biggest jetted tub I’ve ever seen and a full size sauna were great perks.

We spent much of our time at the beach and for the first time I can remember we were actually hot on the Washington coast! Laying there sweating we could have sworn we were in California, but then we waded into the sub-zero degree surf and were reminded it was in fact Washington.

Some wine tasting at the Westport Winery and an amazing sunset at the beach concluded a very memorable trip.



  1. Hooray! LOVE the Drifer shots — the collection of photos obviously shows an amazing time. So glad you had fun… and that you were actually oh so close to home! 🙂

  2. Hey you two–love the lovely photos. You did get some interesting weather:-). Happy to hear that your trip was a success. You have had quite the summer. The Units

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