Posted by: mcweaver | October 5, 2010

7/16 – The Barneys x2

We had the great fortune of seeing our good friends the Barneys 2 weekends in a row to end July.

First up was a spur of the moment BBQ. This is a very rare occasion indeed. Both the Barneys and the McWeavers are planners, so couple that with a lake in between our homes and we rarely fly by the seat of our pants. Nevertheless it happened! We enjoyed a feast of burgers, relaxed on the patio and of course got some time with Rome!

Next up was Laura’s Bday! They rented out a room at the Club Hollywood Casino in Lynwood for a large group of friends and coworkers. This has become a hidden favorite place for the Barneys and we have met there many times. It has great food, cheap drinks, is never crowded, and is loaded with fun movie memorobilia to entertain visitors. What more could you want? The buffet was awesome and we were very honored to be able to join Laura on her big day. Happy Bday Laura B!

The Birthday Girl!



  1. Happy Birthday, indeed, Laura!
    And look at the blog! Updated through mid-July! So exciting! I’m loving the updates and am excited to read of your adventures over the last few months!

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