Posted by: mcweaver | October 7, 2010

7/25 – JWI 2010

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Yes, it was officially summer as we once again celebrated with the JWI, and once again it did not disappoint. We had amazing weather (perhaps a bit too amazing for some of us who were out of shape) and everyone was in great spirits. We kept the format the same with 28 guys and 28 girls enjoying round-robin play in the morning with different partners each game and then pairing up for a double elimination tournament.

How did the JWI committe members fare you ask? Well Jesse was on the IR this year after major/minor shoulder surgery so he did a fantastic job running the tournament and keeping things light. And by that I mean he heckled throughout. Matt was paired with Steve Whitaker which is always fun and played some VERY high level vball (sometimes rare at the JWI). Todd was paired with Robert Chaddock, and while they were officially the first team eliminated, they officially had a great time. I was paired with Chuck and we managed to work through the losers bracket all the way to the finals before running out of gas.

A great day all around and we managed to make a $2140.00 donation to a worthy local cause. For all the details on this years tournament check out the JWI 2010 website.


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