Posted by: mcweaver | October 22, 2010

8/6-8/17 The Units in Seattle

Enjoying the sun at Bellevue Park

What better way to celebrate our Mom’s bday than with her in person! The Units flew in for a nice long summer visit and we packed in the adventures. Upon arrival and check-in to their awesome Capitol Hill bungalow, we joined Matt and Janelle in celebrating with some Birthday cake in Mom’s honor.

Sunday night it was off to the Sounders game. They won an excellent game 2-0 over Houston and the Hamiltons and their grandsons were able to join us at the game. It’s always great fun to share the Sounders with people since they are such a fun experience. The Units were in the all-inclusive section, but sadly the hotdog record stayed at 7. Breathe a sigh of relief Jesse, your record stands.

Everyone had to work so the weekdays were filled with lunches and nighttime visits. We got some tripoli in which is a family favorite and even had a movie night. Mom spent some time with her close teacher friends and the men got to go see Predators. A great guy flick with lots of action. The parents and Amy also got to meet me for lunch in Renton and then attend Seahawks training camp at VMAC. It was a beautiful day and fun to see Pete Carroll and the boys throwing the pigskin around. We also spent time helping Matt and Janelle get their nursery started for the upcoming addition to their family!

It was a great visit with lots of relaxed quality time and really the best weather we got all year long.

If you’d like to see all Dad Weaver’s pics from the trip they are online here.



  1. We have to agree, it was a wonderful relaxed visit. We will want to do it again for sure. Thanks John and Amy for including this in your blog! The Units

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