Posted by: mcweaver | November 18, 2010

8/15-8/22 Aunt Mamie Visits the MacEachran’s

Happy kids and happy Aunt Mamie!

Amy took a whole week to visit the MacEachran family in Spokane and spend some quality time with her dear little nieces and nephew. She drove out on her own on Sunday and was able to give Marc a huge gift…a vacation! Leaving the kids in good hands he was able to drive to Yellowstone and do some camping, hiking, and generally be an adult on his own with no little ones (minus the mouse that stowed away in his card door!). Aunt Annie who provides regular daycare for the kids was also able to go on a short camping trip with her husband Tim.

Meanwhile Aunt Mamie and the kids played hard! Trips to Costco and a bit of clothes shopping for Grace was packed in around swimming, bike riding, reading stories and a new favorite…catching grasshoppers! Amy also shared a very special suprise by covering a picnic table in garbage bags and then letting the kids play with a pile of pudding! There was lots of writing, drawing, playing, and of course some messy kids.

I flew out on Thursday night to join the fun. It was so good to see the kids who are growing incredibly fast. They are incredibly smart kids and they kept us on our toes 🙂 We know that Katie was smiling to see us all together for some fun and laughter.



  1. Looks like an amazing week! What a wonderful gift, to all of you!

  2. YAY! Love the update! And love what the update is about!

  3. This was definitely a gift from the heart. Amy, your family is blessed to have you. (Our family is blessed to have you too!) Mama Bear

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