Posted by: mcweaver | December 21, 2010

Musical Interlude

Yes we have lots of updating to do to close out 2010, but I wanted to squeeze this update in while it was still fresh.

Amy heard about a band, The Head and the Heart, through a classmate playing at the Crocodile Cafe a few blocks from our condo and decided we might enjoy the show…what a vast understatement! The timing was great as Amy was finishing up her quarter of school and we had reason to celebrate. We had a bit of adventure getting tickets since the show sold out quickly, but I was able to pull some strings through work mates (it pays to work in the ticketing department!) to get us in. We enjoyed the new pizzeria attached to the venue and got inside nice and early to score a spot second row from the stage.

Amy and I have always shared a love for live music and this night was like a filling up of the spirit. Absolutely amazing. There was a buzz in the crowd that is hard to describe, like everyone there knew it was the last time this band would be opening for anyone else and the last time they would be playing such a small venue. The Head and the Heart just signed with Sub Pop Records which has a ridiculous track record of turning Seattle’s best into superstars (see Deathcab for Cutie, Modest Mouse, etc…). The band was full of energy and talent and have scored 2 big fans. Keep your ear out because I think you’ll be hearing from them soon.



  1. […] get some of the last tickets to a show at the Crocodile, The Head and The Heart and Stornoway. As previously reported, the show was amazing! Happy Holidays […]

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