Posted by: mcweaver | January 13, 2011

10/30 – Halloween 2010

Hooray for Halloween!

Amy and I have always been big fans of Halloween, but it has been a few years since we have had a chance to dress up and do it right. So this year we committed to doing just that. We were invited to a party at our good friends the Kadlecs and had a great night. We both channeled our youth as Amy dressed up as Jem and I went as Wolverine.

For those unfamiliar, Jem was an 80’s cartoon about a mild mannered young lady who used a super powered hologram to become a musical superstar named Jem. Think the original Hannah Montana.

Wolverine was of course a favorite of mine growing up but I went for the new movie version as opposed to the yellow tights version.

The party was a great time and a terrifc break from studying for Amy. We got to hang with the Kadlecs, Leassons, Jana and Dino, StaceyT and Randy, Matt and Janelle and Jesse P even stopped by for a brief appearance. Amy won the prize for best costume and Matt brought home the funniest costume…Happy Halloween indeed!


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