Posted by: mcweaver | January 18, 2011

November Where Did You Go?

November was literally a blur this year. One moment we were dressed up for Halloween, the next we had the Weaver parents in town to celebrate Thanksgiving…crazy! It was a good month though as we enjoyed several Seahawks games and Amy cranked away at her Masters program.

The Thanksgiving holiday was definitely a highlight. We enjoyed several meals together, a turkey feast, the Macy’s Day Parade, football, and several fun games. My parents good friends Beau and Bonnie were out-of-town and nice enough to let us use their house for the Weaver Thanksgiving Headquarters. It was grand as we all slept over, woke up late and lounged around and gorged ourselves all day.

We also made a trip out to Rositas for mexican food to celebrate Matt’s bday! Happy Bday Bro! The Paulson’s joined us and it was a great time. Matt even got to wear a sombrero before the night was done.

These boys are ready for turkey and football!


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