Posted by: mcweaver | February 20, 2011

12-2010 The Holidays Roll On

December had already been a busy month, but we weren’t don yet! Next up…Janelle’s Baby Shower, Xmas on the Island and a Bday!

The Paulsons were extremely generous in letting their house be used as baby shower central and all of Janelle’s female family and friends decended to enjoy the celebration. This meant the Weaver Units were back in town, yea! The shower went off without a hitch. The girls opened gifts and giggled while the boys ducked out to go see The Fighter. A very good movie and worthy of all the acclaim it received. We returned just as the ladies were finishing up.

The timing was such that we were able to take the parents to a Seahawks game! Although they got beat up by the Falcons, we had a great day. It is always fun to be able to share with my parents all the things I’m working on at work.

Finally it was time for Santa to make his appearance! This year, Amy, Todd, and I headed up to San Juan Island to enjoy a wonderful and relaxed few days. Copper joined us and got along famously with the other 3 dogs. They were a wonderful pack. One of the highlights was watching the original Tron on Jack’s giant TV and then catching Tron Legacy at the small island theater…too much fun. Santa made it again this year and we celebrated appropriately. Xmas day we headed home and Amy and I joined lots of family at Kris’ home for a traditional dinner. A wonderful holiday all around.

Finally it was off to Redhook and the Willows Lodge for my Bday! What has turned into a wonderful tradition, we joined Kirk and Laura for a few cold beers and then spoiled ourselves with a night at our favorite location…the Willows Lodge. 35 here I come!


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