Posted by: mcweaver | March 11, 2011

12-2010 Locharie Family Time

To celebrate the end of the year we spent four days at the Locharie Resort enjoy time to relax, play and laugh with family. We caravaned down to the Olympic Peninsula and arrived around 4pm in the afternoon. The weather was unexpectedly beautiful but VERY cold. We all piled into a two bedroom cabin, one bathroom cabin named Colonel Bob, and snuggled in for a relaxing vacation.

We hiked every day in the green and lush rain forest. Our little Jace man was amazing! He hiked every day with us. Trey got to ride in style with Mama on all the hikes!

We saw the largest Spruce Tree! As any rainforest adventurer should, during non-raining moments we spent time watching and catching water drops off the trees, playing “pooh-sticks”, and looking for animal tracks in the mud.  We took a half day trip to the coast to go tide-pooling and saw some amazing green anemones.  We played pictionary every night, where the ladies dominated the men, with amazing allplay drawings of vampires to “lure”, many misunderstood dots to represent the ex-planet “pluto”, and multiple papers used to draw “candidate” which no one could guess.  We also started playing a new card game taught to us by the Weaver units called Head and Foot.  Additionally, each night we were entertained by Jace in Buzz Lightyear pajamas.

We are hoping to make this trip a family tradition.


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