Posted by: mcweaver | June 17, 2011

4/3-4/6/2011 Las Vegas for Spring Break

To celebrate Amy’s Spring Break we decided to get some sunlight therapy in Las Vegas.

We found a good deal for both airfare and hotel. We stayed at the Monte Carlo, a hotel that was a bit older, but very clean and a great location. We had a great time and would stay there again. Amy started the trip off right by winning $100+ dollars playing video poker! She had been claiming for weeks that she would be lucky and she was right on. Monday we were off to the outlet stores to spend some gift certificates we had been saving since the holidays. We had great fun a the Disney Outlet, Express and H&M. Tuesday was spent lounging by the pool all day, floating in the lazy river and then we hunkered down in the Excalibur Sports Book to watch the NCAA Mens Championship game. Sadly our bets on Butler did not pay off 😦 More sun and sightseeing on Tuesday night and a wonderful dinner at Olives brought a very fun trip to a close too quickly. Amy won more big money on a Lord of the Rings slot machine and financed all our gambling for the trip…we broke even and had a great time doing it.

Although we were ready to leave Vegas (3 days of blinking lights and ringing bells was enough) we would have loved a few more days of sun. Overall a great way to send Amy into her final quarter of school.



  1. Love the photos of our youngest son and his beautiful wife! Looks like a great time.

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