Posted by: mcweaver | June 23, 2011

5/30/11 – 6/3/11 Let’s Celebrate in the Happiest Place on Earth!

Happy Mousekaters

Mickey here we come!

To celebrate my master’s graduation my mom, John, and I headed south for some fun in the California sun! We had an amazing trip. We flew down on Monday at the crack of dawn…literly. I may have gotten a little over zealous booking our plane tickets. We had to get up at 3:45am to catch our 6am flight. However, after a thrilling shuttle ride from the LAX airport we arrived to the glorious Grand Californian Hotel to be greeted with warm welcomes and kindness.  We had luggage checked, a room check-in by 3pm, and had changed our clothes for the warm weather by 10AM.

We went straight into Disneyland and immediately saw Mary Poppins and Burt! The park was beautiful, my mom and I loved the flowers. We heard a rumor that Disney’s new Star Tours adventure was previewing so we bolted straight for Tomorrowland and obtained a fastpass for the new Star Tours ride. We were ecstatic! Next we rode Buzz Lightyear and then headed over to Fronteerland to ride Big Thunder before they closed it the rest of the week. All three of us piled into one train car with Mom in the middle and away we went! The last ride of the day was the Fast Passed Star Tours ride. The ride is incredible and if we could have we would have ridden it about 20 times in a row. They have re-done the ride to make it 3D and added some great variability to the experience. Your “tour” is broken into four parts and they have several versions of each part so you can ride the attraction over and over with different destinations and combinations each time. At the beginning a robot scanned our ship and John’s picture appeared as a rebel spy on board our tour! It was great to see the classic upgraded so well.

We enjoyed so many more magic moments throughout the day, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, dinner at House of Blue with a warm cookie pizza for dessert! The grand finale was having reserved dessert seatting for Fantasmic. It was awesome! Disney has made some updates to this classic and they do not disappoint.

The week rolled by at a wonderful pace. We spent at least two hours or more a day by the swimming pool. We played hard at both Disneyland and Califorina Adventure. Disneyland was looking really good. They magically changed the flower beds overnight while we were there! Main Street was decorated for Memorial Day and people were happy. California Adventure was under a lot of construction. They are building an additional land for “Cars”, redoing the main entrance to the park (the CALIFORNIA on the outside is gone), they are also rebuilding the main interior enterance to represent Holleywood of the 1920s. I am looking forward to seeing the park with the construction is completed.

An exciting note they have connected the Backlot by the Tower of Terror to the backend of Bugs Life Land. Thus, you can now cut through quickly to get back to the Warf area.

Other major trip highlights were:

  • Seeing the new World of Color water and laster light show
  • Getting a sneak peak ride for the new Star Tours ride.
  • Seeing the Captain EO 3D movie
  • The new daytime Disney Parade (Amazing!)
  • The Grand Californian hotel pool
  • Being given two fastpasses for Splash Mountain from complete strangers
  • Pin trading
  • Riding Toy Story three times and John getting a blister from playing so hard
  • The incredible, amazing firework show at Disneyland….They make more than just tinkerbell fly!

The most amazing thing we experienced though was getting to ride the new little mermaid ride in California Adventure. It was awesome! It is an “old school” anamatronic slow moving disney ride. You hope onto a seashell and away you go! I don’t want to give away the details so that it is magic for everyone BUT those guests who waited in the THREE HOUR line would still feel satisfied. Great job once again Disney!


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